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Being that each property will allow different access to the structures from the air the number of photos may be different and sometimes limited. Trees, poles, wires, and other obstacles can make aerial drone photography difficult and sometimes impossible. I do fly well, and can work around most of these obstacles. Just understand the limitations of wooded and crowded neighborhoods.

The videos we provide will be a combination of stills and actual video footage depending on the location and the ease of shooting with the drone. Each video can have a title slide opening with a logo. There can also be an ending image slide with contact information for your company.

When you book us to photograph a property we will email you a short questionnaire about the property you want us to shoot. This will allow you to point out special things about this property that you would like us to make certain we capture in the images. Finished stills and/or video will be delivered to your office on disk. Payment for your project can be made by check or by credit card when the job is delivered.

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