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Studio Services ~ Complete Commercial Advertising Photo Services.

"Full Service Digital Photography Studio".

We mainly use all Nikon Professional Cameras and Lenses.
This camera produces 36mp images, plenty large enough for any printing application.

Life-size posters can easily be printed from a digital image of this size.

One of the nice features of using our facility is that we have a lot of gear, enough to run a few different setups at one time if need be.
Digital images can be delivered to you in any format/size you might require. We also keep backup DVDs of all customers' images.

We also offer Photoshop Services such as digital retouching, color corrections, layered files, and clipping paths.

Commercial Advertising includes Catalogs, Annual Reports, Sales Sheets, Brochures, Websites, Newspaper/Magazine Advertising,
We also provide PR Photographs, Headshots, Modeling Portfolios, Wedding Services, and Custom Portraiture.

For a complete view of our samples please visit our Portfolio Gallery.

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The "Roush Studios" Story ~    Information / History

Photography has been my life. From my humble beginnings in Toledo, Ohio, to my studio here in West Tennessee, it has been an incredible journey, and an experience similar to none. Starting out as many photographers do, shooting retail portraits, weddings, and models portfolios. That is where I began over thirty-five years ago, never having a clue that one day I would be entertaining the types of
clients I now work for on a regular basis.

My photographic years in Toledo brought customers like Owens-Corning Fiberglass, Champion Spark Plug, Monroe Shock Absorbers, Libby Glass, and Libby Owens Ford. Along with this client list came an invitation from the University of Toledo to participate in their photography programs as an instructor. With all of this "hoop-la" going on my photographs started to be seen everywhere, including the Toledo Blade Newspaper, one of the largest publications in the Midwest at that time, and also on some of the local television stations. Keep in mind that this was long before the digital age we now know; long before PhotoShop, digital cameras, and the internet. Being published was a very big deal.

As my career blossomed, my work got better and better, being that I was my "own worst critic". My classes at the University became very popular among hobbyists and amateur photographers, along with a few pros in the area. They became so popular in fact that a local NBC Affiliate television station in Toledo did a "human interest" story on me and on the photographic classes and workshops I continued to provide as part of my curriculum at the University of Toledo.  The story which aired on the local affiliate television station earned a Crystal Award in the Advertising Awards Show in the Midwest that year. Life as a photography instructor has continued through the years as I've found myself in different markets around the USA. In the early 2000's I published an online photography course program that I still offer today. It can be found at At any given time I have hundreds of students enrolled in the program.

As I sought out new photography customers and armed with a stronger portfolio I began to travel more to different parts of the country. I also realized that I was totally sick of the Midwest weather and decided to move my business to the Southwest. At first, I was very skeptical to relocate my business and basically start over but soon realized that my strong portfolio and client list would get me work just about anywhere. After a ten-year stitch in the desert southwest, working throughout California and Arizona it seemed a better idea to be more centrally located in the United States; thus my move to my present location.   To this day I continue to travel to all corners of the U.S. doing work for clients who refuse to use anyone else for their photographic assignments. I also get UPS shipments regularly from just about everywhere in the country of products to photograph for catalog or magazine advertisements.

A couple of years ago we added a new addition to our ability to do "location" photography in other parts of the country.
Doing location work, especially catalog/product work, "on location" is every photographer's nightmare. Most of us fly and carry "what we can" to the assignment. And then … unfortunately, we do the "best" job we can without having ALL of the necessary "bells and whistles" we might have in our studios. So, historically, location work usually suffers and doesn't have the "zing" of a high-level studio photograph. Well, as you might guess, this wasn't good enough for us. A 35' motor home soon solved that dilemma. I now travel cheaply, and with ALL of my "photo bells & whistles & tricks" to my customers' locations. My product photography at their facility is equal to the photography I would do for them in my studio. Plus, it's so easy for the client to have you there, at their place. This has become a popular element of our business, and we have the luxury of traveling a lot now to shoot. After all, this is the millennium, it's the age of cell phones and email. I am never out of touch anywhere in the world.

Years ago during a live television interview on a locally produced TV show called "Local Artists, What Makes Them Tick?" I was asked by the commentator on the show this question:

 "Jeff, what do you think is your secret to success?"

I answered without a pause:

"It's a simple recipe to success in this business. Do great work, create outstanding images, 
do it for the dollars you said you would, get it done when you said you could, and make it easy and painless for your customer."

So, good old fashion business practices still work, after all these years. My sincere thanks to all my loyal customers through the years.

Enjoy ~

Jeff Roush